Type of Fabric


If you intend to choose your own fabric it will need to be a medium-weight cotton, linen or similar. It is important that the fabric is fairly stable, non-stretchy and not too floaty. If you are unsure of fabric suitability we would be happy to look at a sample before you purchase. E-mail to arrange a consultation.


Measuring Guide


Measuring for your blind could not be simpler. You first need to decide if the blind is going to sit inside or outside of a recess and then follow the simple guide below and complete the measurements on the booking form. You can also e-mail us a photo of your window if you are unsure of where to measure and we will send you an annotated version back! Alternatively you can make use of our blind measuring service for a small fee.

Inside Recess:


Width: Measure (in cm) at 3 points along the width of the recess (best to use a metal tape measure). Use the smallest of these measurements when filling out the form.

Length: Exactly the same. Measure at three points across the height of your recess and then send the smallest measurement (they may all be the same!).


Outside Recess:


Width: Measure the width of recess then add 10cm (This blind will sit slightly out from the recess and will therefore leave a gap between wall and blind. An overlap is recommended to avoid too much light getting through.

Length: Decide how much overlap you require at top and bottom of window and add this to recess height in cms.


How much fabric to buy …


Final width of blind + 10cm

Final length of blind + 20cm

Please Note!


Most fabric comes in a standard 150cm width. But some fabrics come in narrower widths - so be sure to check. If you are using a large-scale print you will need to consider the placement of the print at the top and sides of the blind, and you may need to buy slightly more fabric to accommodate for this. Check with us if you are unsure!

Be careful if you are ordering your fabric online, as some online stores charge per ‘fat quarter’ instead of per metre, meaning that you need to order 4 ‘fat quarter’ lengths to get a 1 metre length of fabric.

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All photos on Home page courtesy of George Chan Photography